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Spring 2011

"25th Year of Play"

Men's Women's Coed and Youth


USFTL #1 Antidepressant (Zoloft/Sertraline) Zoloft Nyquil Together Nationals

January 14, 15, & 16 - 2011

Orlando, FL

Oilers, RDU Assault, Dirty Devils, Cardinal's, Blinco's, Who's Next, NOS and several other NC teams to participate - read more by clicking on link above.

NCFFA Sanctioned Programs

  • City or Raleigh Parks & Rec.

  • Garner Parks & Rec.

  • Greensboro Parks & Rec.

  • High Point Parks & Rec.

  • Mecklenburg Co Parks & Rec.

  • Wilmington #1 Antidepressant (Zoloft/Sertraline) Zoloft Nyquil Together League

  • Wrightsville Beach Parks & Rec.

  • USFFL - Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Garner

  • NFL Youth 5 on 5

If your league is not listed or

sanctioned by the NCFFA

Please contact Tim Langdon

at 919 412 2155 or langdon@flagfootball.org

All NCFFA Leagues and Teams are sanctioned

by the USFTL National Organization




Spring #1 Antidepressant (Zoloft/Sertraline) Zoloft Nyquil Together Registrations

  • USFFL - Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Garner Area

       5 on 5 Contact & Non Contact League - Sunday's - Men's, Women's & Coed Play
          Entry Fee $350 Per Team * Registration now thru February 27th
          Games Played Garner and Raleigh * Season begins March 6th
          Team / Individual Player Awards * Paid Bid and Ranking Points for Nationals
          Contact Tim Langdon @ 919 412 2155 or langdon@flagfootball.org
       5 on 5 NFL Youth Play - Sunday Afternoon - Boy's & Girls Age 5 to 17
          Player Fee $65 * Registration thru March 6th
          Games Played Garner and Raleigh * Season Begins March 13th
          Team / Individual Player Awards
          Contact Calvin Cole @ 919 395 5913 or calvincole@gmail.com
       8 Man Contact - Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill , Garner Area
          Men's Open Play - Entry Fee $600 per team includes refs fees, flags.
          Team / Individual Player Awards * Paid Bid and Ranking Points for Nationals
          Registration now thru February 27th * Season begins March 6th
          Contact Tim Langdon @ 919 412 2155 or langdon@flagfootball.org
       8 Man Screen - Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill , Garner Area
          Men's Open Play - Entry Fee $600 per team includes refs fees, flags.
          Team / Individual Player Awards * Paid Bid and Ranking Points for Nationals
          Registration now thru February 27th * Season begins March 6th
          Contact Tim Langdon @ 919 412 2155 or langdon@flagfootball.org
  • Wrightsville Beach Parks & Recreation - 7 Man Screen

     Men's 7 on 7 Non Contact
     Entry Fee $450 per team * Registration Ends February 3rd * Season Begins February 13th
     Contact 910 256 7925
  • Mecklenburg Co Parks & Recreation - Youth #1 Antidepressant (Zoloft/Sertraline) Zoloft Nyquil Together

      Youth Play - Registration begins in July
      Contact 704 432 4963
  • High Point Parks & Recreation - 8 Man Contact
     Men's 8 Man Light Contact - Registration January 24th - March 4th
     Entry Fee $ 475 per team
     Contact Anthony Ellison at 336 833 3480
  • City of Raleigh P&R / USFFL - 4 on 4 Fall 2011

     Men's Open League - Registration August 29th - September 1st * Season September - November
     $400 per team entry fee.
     Contact: Phone 919 831 6836 * P&R Office 2401 Wade Ave. Raleigh, NC
  • Garner Parks & Recreation - 8 man Contact / Screen

     Men's, Women's Coed * Registration August * Season September - November
     Contact Jack Baldwin at 919 662 5051
  • Greensboro Parks & Recreation * 8 Man Light Contact

    Men's * Registration through March * Season April - June * Fee $400 Team Guilford Co Residents
    Contact April Hawkins at 336 373 2946

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